marcus rogers

i find meaning, power and delight in all things handmade and human in an era where digital technology has become pervasive. i work in painting, mixed media collage and printmaking. my mixed media collages pay homage to artists, writers, poets, activists, cultural leaders and Black brilliance. my commissioned ones celebrate people, couples, friends, families and ancestors. in my paintings, i create figures and stories meant to uplift our humanness, complexity, awkwardness, growth, beauty, and dignity.

as a person of mixed Black american and western european ancestry, my figures often reflect the spirit and likeness of this blended lineage. my work honors hybridity in all its forms, as well as the unique energy found between worlds. combining ancient west african and celtic symbols, i create new ones that mark their diasporic convergence. i am interested in the Spiritual and cultural implications of liminal spaces and the possibility that bursts forth from the gray areas of life. the timelessness of the in between spaces. birth and death. ancientness and futurism.

transformation, connection, motherhood, death, birth, eternality vs. ephemera, reconciliation, growth, grief, joy and the sacred are among the themes i am exploring in my work. culturally and aesthetically, my paintings are in conversation with street art, cartoons, doodles, drawing, collage, hip hop, jazz and all of the private sketchbooks of artists too shy to share. these are the art forms that have been intimately woven into my life since early childhood. i make work using acrylic, ink, spray paint, found objects, wood, collected papers, fabrics, textiles and printmaking.

i am thankful for the numerous artists who have inspired my curiosity, experimentation and amusement.